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Francesco D'Isa (Florence, Italy, 1980), trained as a philosopher and visual artist. After his graphic novel "I." (Nottetempo, 2011), he has published novels such as "Anna" (effequ 2014), "Ultimo piano" (Imprimatur 2015), "La Stanza di Therese" (Tunué, 2017) and essays for Hoepli and Newton Compton. Publishing director of L'Indiscreto, he writes and draws for various magazines and his works have been exhibited in art galleries in Italy and abroad:
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Is Coming into Existence Always a Harm?
3 months ago

Is Coming into Existence Always a Harm?

In his book Better Never to Have Been (recently translated in Italian by Carbonio Editore), David Benatar takes further the famous idea by Albert Camus that “there is but one …
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